About Me

Photo of Jenna Dundas

I am a designer with a passion for bringing motion to the motionless! In 2014 I completed an accelerated masters program in Digital Media at Drexel University earning my Bachelors and Masters degrees. During my time in graduate school I discovered a love of design and interactive media. Currently I work for McKean Defense, most of my attention is on training programs and engineering animations for the Armed Services. The work primarily focuses on using design and animation to simplify the fundamentals of complex machinery and systems.

Fun Facts

1. I have a houseplant obsession. (My favorite right now is my lime tree)

2. My favorite podcasts currently are 99% Invisible and Reply All.

3. I am teaching myself hand lettering.

4. I am a big Indie and Folk music listener.

5. I love Newfoundlands, and would love to rescue one, one day.

6. I trying to work on my watercolor skills.